Reached monthly download limit

  • I am getting sick of this. Every time I log in this happens. If I do not log in I can download any of the files in the database.

    This has been going on for some time now and it's not the first.

    anyone got any ideas to stop this


  • Hello,

    have this 1-2 weeks ago with another account , the same emailadress-server (bigspond) :

    This was the thread :

    Our server detects your mailadress "bigpond" as spam / fake mail accounts server,
    and so he tries to protect us from spam and bandwidth theft things ( you can read this at registration).
    So its better to use mailadresses for registration which are not listet on those lists or have bad rankings --------------------------------

    Well maybe you need to re-check and modify that list mate. Bigpond is part of Telstra and is the largest internet provider in Australia. Their servers even trim most spam automatically for me. Safe as houses. So, please do me a favour and see if you can make exceptions since I cannot simply get a different e-mail just for your site. I download and upload lots of files and videos to other sites, including YouTube, without any problems. Thanks mate and cheers.


    I will check it, but the list ( with thousends (millions? of servers ) is daily updated and not

    under my control, its an App on our server, who looks in this list in the net ( which is not on

    our server ).

    But I have to look next days, when i have time ... in moment much stress here ..

  • Yes, your provider is also on the list of very bad reputation ... i have change your account by hand.

  • Hello Tango1 ..

    i just look in our server database ,your account is not reglemented,

    are you logged in ?

    please send me a screenshot of this error as PN

  • Gudday Higgy,

    Glad I found this thread! This happened to me last week, so I donated 20 Euro thinking that might fix it.. Would you mind hand changing me as well?



  • Hello Nick,

    i just look in the server ..but your account wasn deactivated .. not a second ...never ...

    so when you get this error message, can you make a screenshot and send it PN to me ? So I can search for this error ....

    And thanks for donation :)

  • Hey Higgy,

    I think I can shed more light on this, I'm pretty sure the order of events was:

    • Until recently I was downloading as an unregistered user,
    • I think I got the error message while unregistered,
    • To troubleshoot the error, I then registered,
    • I'm no longer getting the error message, but moist downloads simply won't work.

    To further explain the last bullet point, I just now tried this:

    • Opened the AFS2 Scenery Map
    • Clicked on Finland
    • Clicked on 'Finland 2019 Parts 1-8' by Izojub
    • Clicked on the first download link, 'Finland_2019_1_0_0'
    • No Download occurs.. and no error message

    However, when I clocked on '', it did download the zip file'.

  • So, did i get it right ..

    when you click on one of this 9 Files here :

    Finland 2019 Parts 1-8

    nothing happend ? no error, no download ?

    All other files on our server you can download ?

    Do you have another browser ? another computer ... to check this ? antivirus software problem ?

    I just downloaded all 9 files and without problems...

  • Yep! tried it on my home PC, and just now on my work laptop, same result; Chrome flickers as if it's about to initiate a download, but not download icon appears at bottom of screen, and no downloading happens. Of all of these, the only one that would download was the highlighted one:

  • OK... just tried in Edge and it's working there...dammit. What the hell is up with Chrome??

    OK, for now I'll switch to Edge till I figure this out.

    Apologies Higgy!

  • Ok-aaaayyy..

    Higgy, I have no idea why this is, but the issue is only with the Scandinavian countries (so far). I just downloaded a few USA zips no issues (in Chrome), went back to Finland, no downloads. Sweden (the East and West mesh files), no download. And Norway zip files, no downloads.

    In Edge, it all works though. Which makes no sense, as Edge is built on Chrome.

  • Ok, hope ...when others has same problems ..... that will helping all for this ...

    have fun with the files :)