Aerofly FS4 Content

  • Are we likely to get Aerofly FS4 user content soon? I've really enjoyed the extra FS2 content (like Hawaii) and continue to use this with FS2 but it would be nice to be able to use this with the new and improved FS4. I realise that there are some things that can be imported but most of this is above my ability to do this. I really hope that Aerofly developers will make a simple translation program to do this but maybe this is just wishful thinking. Thanks and cheers.

  • Next question is ...

    our server-space is nearly full ... so we have to decice what we can delete ( FS2 content ? )

  • Oh, that's a good question. The largest volumen are probably the image files, and they fit FS2 and FS4.

    I see several approaches:

    -- First, I suggest cleaning up "from the back."

    -- On the other hand, obsolete and no longer needed files can be deleted.

    Both are quite a task of diligence, which I'm happy to help with.

  • Hello, no, that is not fundable :)

    Its hard enough to let this server runs next year ...

    Ipacs is the only Supporter, who pad for it ( the last 2 years ( also hope for 2023)

    and the donations from the users are really poor.

    And mostly the same people ( THANKS TO THEM --> look in the donatiion list )

    and mostly with large amounts!

    ( It would be better when more people (and then its enough... many people -> with smaller amounts )

    will be more pefect (in my opinion) ... )

    So the goal is ... i think ...delete older / not used anymore files ...