Reorganization of Aerofly Files

  • Higgy

    It appears not all files uploaded here are in proper locations. Understood, these things happen. Perhaps a few more sub categories could be added/renamed to help combat such problems.

    Categories like Autogen only, Ortho Images only, 3D models only, Airports only. Etc.

    Within these categories, alphabetically A-Z list of Countries/states/etc.

    This is just a rough idea but I believe this will help now and in the future when more and more files get uploaded. Otherwise it could be a nightmare having to look through all the files. Whether you implement this or not, thank you for your time.


  • Hello Jake .. i will think about this ... :)

    When you have a first idea ..and also which files are not correct in their subs ...please tell me ..i will change it.

  • It would also help if it was standardized that installation instructions must be included with all files. Not everyone is conversant with Aerofly folder structure, and frankly it seems contributors are placing files just about anywhere.

  • I have to agree with HiFlyer above. I'm an experienced Xplane person but am totally confused with the AFS2 folder parameters.

    For example, the Martinique product on here installs flawlessly and I can see everything as intended. The ORBX Switzerland is the same.

    However the other ones such as Ireland and the Canary Islands leave me with big green blobs (ie the default scenery by the look of it), but I do see houses and other buildings. I've tried installing in all sorts of different places and ways but to no avail.

    I think a couple of screenshots of what the scenery is supposed to look like would help.

  • To address the comments above.

    FIRSTLY it would of been a kind and thoughtful gesture to actually THANK those persons who work tirelessly behind the scenes to offer YOU for FREE scenery and or cultivation for FS 2.

    To answer the specific point about Ireland if you had read and understood the description it clearly states "cultivation" therefore it has no photo scenery.

    In the description it tells you how to SIMPLY install it into your FS 2 flight sim.

  • "FIRSTLY it would of been a kind and thoughtful gesture to actually THANK those persons who work tirelessly behind the scenes to offer YOU for FREE scenery and or cultivation for FS 2."

    That statement was uncalled for.

    In fact I have had several messages and correspondence with the Ireland author where I did, indeed, thank him profusely.

    Get your facts straight and apologise to me please.

  • This is addressed to "Fizzelle".

    Lets look at the facts, you make the statement that you have had several messages and correspondence with the author of Ireland Cultivation and thanked him profusely.

    As I am the author, I have not received ANY communication from you OTHER THAN one thumbs up on "Ireland Cultivation Version 2".

    No apology is needed and I stand by what has already been stated.

  • Well I don't want to argue about it but there were several messages between us on the original Ireland series before the recent update to encompass all of Ireland.

    Let's leave it at that rather than generate ill-feeling.

    And for the avoidance of doubt, I DO thank all of you for going to the trouble of creating scenery.

  • Some people are never satisfied, they have no idea of the amount of hours is involved in creating this scenery, if you are having a problem then surely a politely worded request of help has more chance of receiving a response rather than criticising a creator when the fault may lie with yourself or the the sim also bear in mind this is given out freely. I create a huge amount of scenery but i choose not to put it into the public domain , i do give it out to friends and sympathetic simmers

  • For Reminder:

    Generally all ''Photo Scenery'' addons are placed as below

    C: \\ User \ Documents \ Aerofly FS 2 \ scenery \ pictures \ folder ... :thumbup:


    And for the whole Community:

    A THANKS do not cost anything! To all our developers who make us a wonderful job and share their creations freely and gracefully. RESPECT!;)

  • Eh.

    I have created liveries and things for another sim and did it because I wanted to. If I was thanked..... Cool! If I was not..... Also cool!

    I couldn't care less, because simply enough, I would have created it, regardless.

    Moving on from that. I made a post in the Ipacs forum requesting guidelines for placement of third party files because it is in fact becoming quite a mess, and is probably only going to get worse with time.

    Some create separate country files and place them in the scenery folder, some place them in the addons folder, and even in the addons folder there are custom countryfile structures for some contributions and sometimes not.

    With no instructions, this makes a user literally move the files around semi-randomly until they find something that works, or maybe they simply give up. In either case, since the logic of placement may not be apparent, looking into these folders later is not enlightening.

    As the number of sceneries proliferate, I suspect in a year or so reinstallation will be an absolute nightmare as people will have forgotten where they placed stuff and why, and will have to do trial and error all over again.

    I can't see where that benefits anyone, and when and if Ipacs finally steps in to clean up the mess and impose standards, people might not be very happy.

    As I said, I raised this issue recently in a thread on the main Forum:…n/&postID=77080#post77080

  • Being pretty new to the AF2 way of doing things, I have manged to install some liveries for different planes, but haven't yet tried any of the addon sceneries. If there's no installation guide, I honestly won't have a clue on how to do it, so even though a thank you for making the scenery is in place, then it's a meaningless thank you, if we can't find out how to install them. I'm pretty sure it will only take the creators 5-10 min. to make an file with the instructions, and I'm sure people will be greatful for it, I know I will.

    BTW. What the difference of sceneries and cultivation?

  • Welcome to the fold, you are in safe hands.

    Not in any order, scenery refers to photo scenery usually made using the old FSET or the newer "AeroScenery" courtesy of Nick Hod. Cultivation refers to trees and buildings.

    All my uploads do have in the description how to install based on my Win 7 and computer set up for guidance only.

    It goes like this, Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator, scenery, images, "your scenery folder"

    Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator, scenery, places, "your cultivation folder"

    Kindest Regards,


  • Hi there, just installed the Zealand scenery, and it works just fine. Best VFR scenery of Denmark that I have tried yet, flying it actually made me a little homesick, since I lived there 10 years ago :-)

    It seems I can put the scenery images in any subfolder, as long as the subfolder is placed in C:\Users\<My username>\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\scenery\images

  • Categories like Autogen only, Ortho Images only, 3D models only, Airports only. Etc.

    Within these categories, alphabetically A-Z list of Countries/states/etc.

    Maybe my list can help here?

    Freeware Sceneries for Flight Simulator AeroflyFS2

    It's organized according to countries and contains categories.

    Sorry, just saw this was an old contribution, but leave the link in case someone finds if helpful.

    Kind regards, Michael

  • Thanks Michael, thanks for the work

    i have Problems to read red or lighter types on dark background ..

    Is there a chance to make black text on white background ?

    Ich gehöre leider zu den ca 10 % Menschen die nach wenigen Sekunden invertierten Text lesen starke Kopfschmerzen bekommen ...leider ist das kein Witz ... ( Trigger für Migräneanfälle )

    Chromostereopsie ist eine Folge und 50 % der Meschheit kann es schlechter lesen da sie Astigmatismus haben. Gibs jede Menge Webseiten dazu ...

  • Hallo Higgy,

    Sachen gibt es... Ich finde Seiten mit heller Schrift eigentlich schön, gerade, weil sie eher selten sind. Hier eine andere Seite von mir:

    Aber das ist ist natürlich ein Argument.

    Technisch ist das kein großes Ding, die Einstellungen sind zentral in einer css-Datei gespeichert. Allerdings hatte ich den blauen Hintergrund wegen AeroflyFS2 ausgewählt, und schwarz auf blau ist sicher ein no-go.

    Ich werde einmal etwas probieren, wenn mit ein gutes Layout gelingt, ändere ich es.

    Viele Grüße, Michael